A new iso is available for testing for 64bit. Currently there are two install media, one for DVD/CD and one for USB devices. Be sure to select the right media. Dot img for usb and dot iso for CD/DVD. Download is available here

Currently the main packages available for testing are: LXDE, chromium, Xorg, wine, transmission and a few Window Managers. New Packages are added daily and more DE should be available in a few days. xfce4, firefox and vlc will be next uploaded. Though there are multiple PKGBUILD for these already available at Github

Also you can view daily reports of the repository, which includes broken packages, packages which fail to pull in dependencies, outdated packages (Checked against freebsd ports) and other information: Repository Report

Installation help can be found at: ZFS Install Guide.

If You need additional help, feel free to join irc.freenode.net ‪#‎pacbsd‬-dev as this is quite active. All new uploaded packages, git commits, repository reports are posted here daily. One more note, any issues can be reported to us directly on #pacbsd-dev on IRC, or on our bug tracker.