A new iso is available for testing for 64bit. Currently there are two install media, one for DVD/CD and one for USB devices. Be sure to select the right media. Dot img for usb and dot iso for CD/DVD. Download is available here

Currently the main packages available for testing are: LXDE, chromium, Xorg, wine, transmission and a few Window Managers. New Packages are added daily and more DE should be available in a few days. xfce4, firefox and vlc will be next uploaded. Though there are multiple PKGBUILD for these already available at [Github]()

Also you can view daily reports of the repository, which includes broken packages, packages which fail to pull in dependencies, outdated packages (Checked against freebsd ports) and other information: Repository Report

Installation help can be found at: [ZFS Install Guide]().

If You need additional help, feel free to join irc.freenode.net ‪#‎pacbsd‬-dev as this is quite active. All new uploaded packages, git commits, repository reports are posted here daily. One more note, any issues can be reported to us directly on #pacbsd-dev on IRC, or on our [bug tracker]().