Master Signing Keys

This page lists the Pac BSD Master Keys. This is a distributed set of keys that are seen as "official" signing keys of the distribution. Each key is held by a different developer, and a revocation certificate for the key is held by a different developer. Thus, no one developer has absolute hold on any sort of absolute, root trust.

The 2 keys listed below should be regarded as the current set of master keys. They are available on public keyservers and should be signed by the owner of the key.

Master Key Full Fingerprint Owner Owner's Signing Key Revoker Revoker's Signing Key Developer/TU Keys Signed
0x435652FF 46C5 A8C9 9AD0 13C7 3706  A733 017D 16DE 4356 52FF Anthony Donnelly 0x435652FF Anthony Donnelly 0x435652FF 0
0x9CE990E7 B11B B68D 31C3 75CF 6144  9CB5 2E1F A5C3 9CE9 90E7 Wolfgang Bumiller 0x9CE990E7 Wolfgang Bumiller 0x9CE990E7 0

Master Key Signatures

The following table shows all active developers and trusted users along with the status of their personal signing key. A 'Yes' indicates that the personal key of the developer is signed by the given master key. A 'No' indicates it has not been signed; however, this does not necessarily mean the key should not be trusted.

All official Pac BSD developers and trusted users should have their key signed by at least three master keys if they are responsible for packaging software in the repositories. This is in accordance with the PGP web of trust concept. If a user is willing to marginally trust all of the master keys, three signatures from different master keys will consider a given developer's key as valid. For more information on trust, please consult the GNU Privacy Handbook and Using trust to validate keys.

Developer PGP Key Anthony Donnelly
Wolfgang Bumiller
Anthony Donnelly 0x435652FF NoNo
Claudiu Traistaru 0x128DB977 NoNo
Kim Carlbäcker 0x8C32F9E3 NoNo
Wolfgang Bumiller 0x9CE990E7 NoNo

Visualization of PGP Master and Developer Keys

Developer Cross-Signatures

This table lists signatures directly between developer keys.

Signer Signee Created Expires