Donate to Pac BSD

Pac BSD survives because of the tireless efforts of many people in the community and the core development circle. None of us are paid for our work, and we don't have the personal funds to sustain server costs ourselves.

There are many ways to help support Pac BSD. If technical development, documentation, or support aren't your strong points, you could certainly help us by dropping a few bucks our way.

Many thanks!

Monetary donations

Financial contributions are accepted via Click&Pledge. Pac BSD is a member project of the Software in the Public Interest, Inc. non-profit corporation. Funds are used for hosting costs, server hardware upgrades, and more. You are encouraged to learn more about the SPI, as well as how donations work.

Donate via Click&Pledge to Pac BSD

Commercial sponsors and contributions

We'd like to thank Velocity Network for contributing space in a server rack, bandwidth, and electricity for our main server.

More thanks go to for contributing a VMWare-based Virtual Machine.

We would also like to thank Kartenzia for sponsoring a dedicated Pac BSD Server. is a new Start-Up based in Germany and specializes in eco-friendly invitations like Weihnachten.

Past donors

A huge thanks to you all for your contributions!